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Reflexion Elite Weedless LT Swimbait

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We designed this swimbait to be the most durable, versatile soft plastic swimbait in your arsenal every time you head to the lake. Our primary objective was to create a weighted weedless line through swimbait with an unmatched hook up ratio paired with the durability all anglers want out of their premium tackle. The results were better than we could have hoped for. We've been able to add versatility by creating a hook slot long enough to fit a 5/0 EWG hook inside the swimbait. The same hook slot also accommodates a standard size 2 treble hook for those times when you'd prefer an exposed hook.

Rig it how you prefer to fish and be confident!

Regardless of how you choose to rig this swimbait the action is amazing. We blend a unique recipe for our plastics that offers firmness for durability while allowing flexibility for action. The result is a realistic side-to-side kick with a slow rocking wobble that drives fish crazy. Fish it super slow or burn it in quickly - you won't be disappointed!

A few more reasons to try these out:
Eyes cemented in with a uniquely formulated glue so they eyes will not fall out
Nickel plated insert coated with adhesive that locks insert inside of the plastic
Hand poured, finished & packaged here in the US by a small highly skilled team

1 Elite Weedless LT Swimbait
5/0 EWG VMC Hook
Weight - 1.5 oz

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